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31273 1982-12-13 York Foss Islands76052 1977c Dunford Bridge76052 1977c Dunford Bridge76027 1977c Woodhead76007 1977c Woodhead76016 1977c Woodhead76007 1977c Woodhead56020 1977 where76007 1977c WoodheadHST 254001 1979 Norton West47373 1970s Wakefield Kirkgate40046 1970s Wakefield Kirkgate60051 1991-08-03 Coalpit Heath60041 1992-01 Westbury55022 1981-12-31 Kings Cross25290 1980-04 Crewe47405 1982-08-07 Stalybridge55021 1980-04-08 Burnmouth55002 1980-12-12 York NRM31162 1981-03-11 York Station

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