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We have decided to upload to the site some of the many thousands of pictures which we haven't yet added because they haven't been Photoshopped and captioned.

Please bear in mind that these are "raw" scans from our negatives and slides and may well have scratches or dust on them - a number may even be "back-to-front" or "upside-down"!

If you want to buy one of these photographs please email us and we will make sure the image is prepared before you purchase it. As ever you are invited to make any comments and these will, in due course. be added to the captions.

We have divided this Work in Progress Area into appropriate folders to make navigation easier but have also loaded a good proportion of the balance of our Jim Carter pictures into a separate folder.

Additions December 2020

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BR steam

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GWR steam

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GWR steam

LMS steam

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LNER Steam

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SR steam

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SR steam

Diesel locomotives

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Electric Locomotives

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Electric Locomotives

Diesel multiple units

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Electric multiple units

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Electric multiple units

Jim Carter collection

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Jim Carter collection